Payroll in the United States is one of the most common departments for business’ to outsource as it reduces cost. Never have to worry about software updates, staffing, printing, or mailing.

Tax Reporting

The tax reporting services are for the regular payment of sales, payroll, solid waste, or any other tax that are reported based off the volume of your business’ operations.

Each state has their own unique tax reporting laws that regulate all businesses in their jurisdictions. CA&G will take the activity of your business and report necessary none-income taxes to your state’s Department of Revenue or tax authority.


Benefits of Payroll Services:

  • Pay is processed correctly and compliant
  • Employees are paid on time
  • Track individual state laws
  • Benefits are tracked and paid


  • Convert time cards to payroll data
  • Track all employee’s time, pay rates, and benefits
  • Process payroll accurately and on time by printed checks or direct deposit
  • 1099 and W2 processing
  • Record retention

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