About CA&G

CA&G stands for Capital Appreciation and Gains. The goal of a business to be prosperous to fulfill your personal goals. Focusing on the growth of your financial assets is more than just understanding profit but to also invest in your infrastructure.

CA&G has the expertise to provide the business solutions to streamline your processes,
lower your overhead, and give you more time with your family.

CA&G was started by Cyrus Berdan after he was able to successfully help small businesses in upstate South Carolina begin their journey to entrepreneurship. After the successful launch of the businesses, they have requested for him to continue services within their operations. As a result, CA&G was born. After many years of success CA&G is now owned and operated by Amber Cockerl whom has been with the company since day one.

Industries that have been served are professional services, media, fitness/martial
arts, construction/landscaping, transportation/auto mechanic/sales, real-estate, and janitorial.

CA&G serves clients nationally and is headquartered in beautiful Greer, South Carolina.

Amber Cockerl

Amber is a professional bookkeeper, accountant, and preparer who services all types of businesses with their everyday tasks. Amber is a compassionate, loyal, and dedicated free spirit who has been with CA&G since the very beginning. She enjoys being with her family and traveling to historic locations and touring museums in her spare time. Giving back to the community and being of service to others gives Amber great fulfillment and she is eager to see how she can help you with your business needs.

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